Healthy Beef from a Healthy Ecosystem

FBR 012


The Beefmaster Breed was the only breed of American cattle developed specifically for efficiency and productivity on grass.

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USDA Organic

Our cattle graze in a 100% USDA Certified Organic environment. Utilizing what nature provides, allowing for higher quality of organic beef.

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Our Ecosystem

Allowing Mother Nature to be our guide, we have seen a natural re-emergence of native plants and animals to our pastures.

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FBR 015

Ron Freeman

Over the last 30 years I have gravitated away from traditional cattle production to the belief that nature holds the key to efficient, profitable and safe beef production. Expanding on this, I began eliminating practices that existed outside of what I believed a nature inspired program should be.

The affects were dramatic. My herd gradually improved genetically to accentuate their natural immune systems and further improve their production on grass.

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